Community Conversations


Restoring Public Trust in Michigan’s State Government

The Center for Michigan is venturing out for what will be the largest public discussion to date on restoring public trust in Michigan’s state government. In these important discussions, we will be asking Michigan residents across the state about their biggest barriers to trusting state government, as well as their ideas for what it would take to improve trust. Topics will include state government services, management of the public purse, and oversight of Michigan’s political system. This is the Center’s seventh round of Community Conversations, and we’ve spoken with more than 40,000 Michigan residents to date.

Conversations will begin March 28 and continue throughout 2016. See our Community Conversation calendar to find a discussion near you, or contact us at or 734-926-4285 to learn more about how to bring a conversation to your group or community.

For a short history of Community Conversations, please click HERE.