Last word to candidates

Michigan residents’ messages to political candidates

We asked Community Conversation participants to share the one thing they would most like to say to candidates on the campaign trail in 2014. Below is a sample of the passionate responses shared:

“There needs to be some semblance of accountability for our elected officials. Most campaigns are run on the issues we’ve discussed today, yet once the politicians make the transition to Lansing, they are long forgotten.”

“We need elected officials who don’t go in with an agenda, but instead want to know what we want and need.”

“I believe politicians should spend a night or a week living in the exact circumstances of some of their constituents in order to see the problems we face first hand.”

“I’m concerned about the extreme partisanship right now in our political system, especially at the policy-making level. In the primaries when candidates are actually chosen it seems like you have to be more extreme than the next guy to get elected.”

“I believe taking the money out of politics is necessary. When elected leaders leave the district and get to Lansing they become influenced by the culture and lose their original identity.”

“Work together to do what is best for the state of Michigan.”

“Be more focused on results and less focused on ideology.”

“Who runs our state since we implemented term limits? The lobbyists.”

“Fix gerrymandering. Too many districts are built for the parties over the people. It takes away the public voice and promotes party loyalty over the interest of the state.”

“While campaigning, please do not be divisive and critical. Offer the best alternatives you can and have the vote be based on that and not mudslinging.”

“I would like honest and accurate debate, and transparency in political contributions.”

“Listen, listen, listen.”

Most frequent advice:

Politicians need to be accountable to constituents and work for the common good (152 comments)

Elected leaders should be transparent and have integrity (52 comments)

Address election reform issues and money spent in politics (41 comments)

Eliminate term limits (31 comments)

Candidates should campaign on issues and stop mudslinging (28 comments)

We need redistricting reform (19 comments)

Consider a part-time legislature (14 comments)