Online Community Conversation

issue-guidesFor those who can’t attend an in-person discussion, we’ve created an online version of all three modules of our Community Conversations! Participants can choose the module that is most relevant to their current experience in Michigan’s job market.

In the college value and affordability module, you’ll have the chance to discuss college affordability and the value of a college degree. You will answer questions about how to improve college affordability, factors that influence college completion (or lack thereof), student loan debt, value of college degrees, and more.

In the career navigation module, you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas for improving career outcomes through better guidance to education after high school and to the job market. You will answer questions about where and how you find information about the skills you need for your career interests, career and college advising at both the K-12 and higher education level, the resources you find helpful in career exploration, the resources you wish they had, and more.

In the challenges to upward mobility module, you’ll have the chance to discuss challenges and opportunities for state residents in Michigan’s job market. You will answer questions about the challenges facing both new and experienced workers, including those requiring training in new skill areas and those with low literacy and numeracy skills, the resources available (or needed) to assist unemployed or underemployed workers, and the needs of employers in today’s economy.

Each module will take 15-20 minutes to complete. All responses are confidential. Before you begin, click the link to download the issue guide for the module you choose. This guide will provide helpful information and statistics about the topic you’ve chosen.

Choose any one of our special video introductions, featuring entrepreneurs from around the state:

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College Value & Affordability
(Download College Value & Affordability issue guide)

Career Navigation
(Download Career Navigation issue guide)

Challenges to Upward Mobility
(Download Challenges to Upward Mobility issue guide)

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