Online Community Conversation

For some busy people, it’s not convenient to go to a location and take directly part in a face to face conversation. That’s why the Center offers web-based community conversations in which any Michigan citizen can easily participate whenever they want.

What’s even more interesting about the community conversations this year is that both candidates for governor – Republican incumbent Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer – are endorsing and introducing them in special videos.

Choose either the Gov. Snyder introduction or Schauer introduction. Both surveys are identical. And make sure to include your address or email at the conclusion of the survey so we can send you the results.

The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Download a copy of the Issue Guide before you begin.

schauer-thumbTo participate in the online Community Conversation introduced by Mark Schauer, click here.

snyder-thumbTo participate in the online Community Conversation introduced by Gov. Snyder, click here.

All data collected from online conversation participants before April 1st will be included in the Center’s citizen agenda report, available in May 2014. The data from online conversations completed on or after April 1st will be shared with candidates as the election approaches.